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Do you want to use in-house couriers, or do you want to outsource? Who is the cheapest option? How do you ensure your couriers are compliant and certified? What legal bases do you need covered? How can you be sure all your clients’ needs are being met and specimens delivered? The questions go on and on.

Hospital Couriers is the answer to all your medical logistics questions and concerns.

Hospital Couriers is a highly specialized medical logistics company that is custom designed to meet your healthcare establishments needs.

We focus solely on the healthcare industry.

Hospital Couriers has been serving the healthcare industry exclusively since 1991. We understand the sensitive nature of the field in which we work. We understand that on the other end of the service we are providing is a person who needs help.

We are customized and offer flexibility for growth.

Our goal at Hospital Couriers is to provide the best courier experience with the least amount of expense. We evaluate your operation and revamp your process to make it more efficient both in cost and in turnaround time. The design of our system, size of our company, and experience of our team allows for the scalability of your company at little to no cost.

We are exclusively employed and operated.

We believe that in order to operate at an optimum level, we must be hands-on in every step of the process. All couriers, employees, and supervisors work directly for us – in vehicles owned by us – giving us maximum control over their performance and the policies under which they work.

We use advanced technology to enhance precision.

Hospital Couriers recognizes that technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and we use this to our advantage. We use an online ordering and reporting system to make requesting pick-ups and deliveries easier for our clients. We use barcode scanning and GPS tracking so that our clients know where their specimens are through the entire courier experience. Being that all our couriers are company employees we have the ability to trace and track their exact locations. We use technology to reassure our clients their specimens are being transported properly and efficiently.

Hospital couriers has over 25 years’ experience focusing solely on the medical logistics industry. We know the business. We know what works. We know how to save your health care system money, time, and stress.

Help us help you, contact Hospital Couriers today for a free consultation!