Hospital Couriers
A Commitment to excellence in healthcare logistics.
We help you cut costs through a process of deep analysis, smart consolidation and the elimination of redundant tasks.

Maximum efficiency. Increased transparency. Significant cost savings.

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At Hospital Couriers, we help acute-care facilities, physician networks, blood banks, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and clinics streamline operations and create an efficient integrated system.

We centralize major functions, eliminate duplication and reduce function overlap.

  • Route and logistical solutions can be implemented in any geography nationally, so no matter where you’re located, we’ve got the optimal system for you.
  • Custom solutions designed exclusively for the unique needs of your system to capture the utmost efficiency and service.
Reliable Vehicles v2

Dedicated Workforce & Reliable Vehicles.

  • Exclusively Employed

    Our drivers are exclusively employed by Hospital Couriers. We do not operate with independent contractors. As such, our drivers are uniformed, thoroughly screened and held to the highest standards of regulatory and healthcare compliance.
  • Sustainable Vehicles

    Our expansive fleet is owned and operated by Hospital Couriers and we use sustainable vehicles to ensure maximum fuel efficiencies and cost savings.

Who We Serve.

  • heart

    Acute-Care Facilities

  • physician

    Physician Networks

  • blood bank

    Blood Banks

  • pill

    Pharmaceutical Companies

  • lab

    Laboratories & Clinics