• Experience


    We've exclusively served the healthcare industry for 29 years.

    Since our inception in 1991, we’ve been solely focused on serving the healthcare industry. We understand your dedication to providing the best care for your patients and we’re equally committed to creating a solution for you.

  • Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    We save our clients real, hard dollar costs.

    At Hospital Couriers our goal is to help you improve efficiency and cut hard costs. When we evaluate your operations, we look for ways to save you money - including reducing transportation and overnight service costs.

  • Accountable


    We hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence.

    All employees and supervisors work directly for us—in vehicles owned by us—giving us maximum control over their performance and the policies under which they work.

  • Customized


    We evaluate your system and create a custom solution for you.

    We will perform an on-site comprehensive analysis of your medical courier system and develop the most cost efficient and effective forms of medical transportation to meet your unique needs.

  • Streamlined


    We bring the same streamlined precision into our own company.

    Our fees include all management, labor, vehicles, insurance and other overhead necessary to operate the system, with a straightforward and simple monthly billing process.

  • Scalability


    As your hospital system grows, we grow with you.

    Your rapid growth may include new campuses, physician groups, and outreach programs. Expanding your courier system in-house to accommodate can be costly. Our extensive fleet is your cost-efficient solution that easily expands with your system.